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2.02 Setting Up Your Custom Domain

Jason Murphy
posted this on November 26, 2010 11:39 AM

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To add your custom domain start by clicking the Domains tab on the left of the Unbounce interface.

If this is your first domain in Unbounce, you can click "Add your first domain" in the center. If not, use the Add a Domain button on the upper left of the window.

From the resulting dialog you can select either a subdomain (like try or get) or a root domain (www) and enter your domain name.

Note: if you already have a website living at your root domain (e.g. www.mysite.com) you'll need to use a subdomain.

Once you add the domain you'll see a list of steps to finalize your new CNAME.  You can access articles for popular hosting providers and pre-written email from.

Once you've added the custom domain in Unbounce you can see from the Domains tab whether or not it's propagated yet from your hosting provider - you'll see a yellow "not working" indicator or a green "working" indicator.

You can always access the setup directions again from the gear menu associated with the domain - you can change or delete the domain from the gear menu as well.

Once your CNAME is fully propagated (working), head back to the Page Overview and change the URL of any pages you'd like published there.


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