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6.01 Account Settings

Jason Murphy
posted this on November 26, 2010, 11:45 AM

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Access the Account dropdown by clicking your name in the top right of the Unbounce interface:

Your Profile

Edit your profile picture with Gravatar by clicking "Edit at Gravatar.com"

Click "Edit Profile" to change your name, email, and email subscription preferences.

Click "Change Password" to change your password.

Manage Account

First you'll see a high-level overview of your account. You can click through to individual areas of interest or use the menu on the right.

Change Subscription: shows you your current package and the other available.  Click any of the button to upgrade or downgrade. Downgrade to Free by clicking the "Cancel Subscription" button on the right - you will be prompted to remove any paid options (like custom domains) if you have them set up.

View Invoices: access to all your invoices once they're processed.

Billing Information: update your Credit Card details.

Manage Add-Ons: a high level view of your Clients, Users, & Domains. 

To exit your Manage Account page, use the context swticher in the top left: click "Clients" and choose which client you'd like to access.


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